Watch our YouTube video below to learn how easy it is to set our 100 year old GopherGoner™ traps:

Mole Extermination, Mole Control & Gopher Elimination

GopherGoner™ products provide the most effective, poison free, gopher and mole control available for commercial and residential trapping. Our gopher and mole traps cause minimal intrusion (digging) to set the trap, offer easy set from the surface, and easy surface identification of the sprung trap. No maintenance. Hang your gopher or mole traps in the shed. They are durable and will last for years. This is the best gopher and mole control system on the market.

There are plenty of mole and gopher traps on the market, but they only come with written instructions telling how to set them, or YouTube videos showing you how to set them. Until now, no one has taken the time to teach you how to locate the best tunnel, how to open the tunnel, and how to correctly place the trap in the tunnel. What should you do if the trap is not triggered after 3-4 days? What should you do if the trap is sprung? What should you do if the trap is filled with soil?

Mole and gopher trapping is not brain surgery, but it isn’t easy either. You need to learn to set traps like the professionals do. To see for yourself, visit our YouTube clips from the Instructional DVD™. We include this valuable DVD with our GopherGoner™ Starter Kit; or you can buy it separately.

The GopherGoner™ Instructional DVD will give you the benefit of 10 years of professional gopher & mole trapping experience in just 98 minutes. We make use of humor with simple language and easy-to-understand principles. To view our GopherGoner products, browse our premium quality trapping equipment.

How to Set Our Gopher Traps

Moles can be confused with other animals such as gophers and voles. Visit our FAQs About Identifying Gophers and Moles and view photos as we show you how to distinguish between damaged caused by moles, gophers and voles.