Everyone who works for Gopher Goner Products shares a love for animals, nature and the outdoors. We are amazed how those burrowing animals can move dirt. However, if moles are destroying a golf course or lawn… and if gophers are damaging crops or causing destruction, and we do mean DESTRUCTION, that is when we have a problem with them. We strongly oppose the use of poison. We encourage natural predation. Using our Gopher Goner trap is effective and humane. Until science discovers a way to alter the reproductive cycles of gophers and moles, we will take matters into our own hands using a humane tool that works for us: The Gopher Goner trap. Our traps cause minimal intrusion (digging) to set the trap, offer easy set (from the surface) and easy identification when the trap is sprung… -more-


There are plenty of new and old traps on the market, but they only come with written instructions telling you how to set them. Until now, no one has taken the time to teach you how to identify your pest, located the best place to set the trap, how to open the plug, and how to correctly place the trap in the tunnel. It is an absolutely necessary to identify the kind of animal causing damage before your purchase our products. We only recommend using our products for mole and gopher control. In addition, trap size and trapping methods differ for moles and gophers. Please take the time to read the information we have gathered to help you trap your mole and gopher. You can learn to identify your pest by the surface damage it is creating. -more-



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gopher-goner-medium trap

Medium Traps

The medium trap is what we use 95% of the time trapping a gopher in the Western United States. We recommend setting two traps on 1-gopher system to create a draft. Cinch traps are set from the surface! The cinch trap relies on air and light triggering an alarm with the gopher or mole that their security has been breached. Do not bury a cinch trap!
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gopher-goner-small trap

Small Traps

We use the small trap for trapping a mole. We highly recommend setting traps under a fresh mound, and by “fresh,” we mean 24-36 hours! Beware, there could be 1 or sometimes 2 additional tunnels leading to the mound, so we recommend having 4-small traps when trapping a mole. Occasionally, we will use a small trap for trapping a juvenile gopher during breeding season.
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gopher goner digging tool

Gopher Goner Digging Tool

We designed the 18-inch digging tool to pop the plug in a gopher tunnel, check for forking tunnels, and clearing debris without enlarging the tunnel. The Digging Tool can be used with any manufacturer of trap (Victor Easy Set, Sweeny, Macabee, Gophinator), but we highly recommend using a cinch trap. Whether trapping a gopher or a mole, this tool beats any screwdriver or Hori Hori Garden knife in price and effectiveness.
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