The Gopher Goner Trap

Please read the following information. The GopherGoner™ trap will eliminate your gopher and mole problems.


Weight - 8 oz (22.7g)
Width of Jaws –
small 2 1/8”(5.39cm) medium 2 ½” (6.35cm)
Trap GG1
Length end to end- 11 1/4" (28.57cm) Underground portion of trap- 6” (15.24cm)

Hardened steel and galvanized iron construction for years of maintenance free use. No welds or riveted joints to break.


  • Easy placement in ground with the least intrusion such as digging
  • Trigger shaped to ensure the gopher or mole will activate the trap
  • Visible lever wire above ground indicates when the trap has been sprung
  • A sprung trap
    A sprung trap

  • Set the trigger for a “quick” release to ensure the gopher or mole will activate the trap
  • Quick Release Trigger

Tension Spring

Enough power to quickly close the jaws of the trap for a humane kill. The lever can be set by men and women. Our traps will not lose power or trigger sensitivity.

Tension Spring

Pincher Jaws

  • Safe when set as jaws are underground, out of reach of pets and children
  • Wire construction ensures that jaws quickly close through all types of soil
  • Sturdy metal to retain the trap shape for years to come
  • Powerful grip and curved design prohibit escape
  • Specifically designed to offer premium versatility for narrow or wide tunnels
Trap GG2
Mole Pulled From Tunnel


The Gopher Goner™ trap does not use bait. Our trap operates on two very important habits of both gophers and moles. 1) The only defense both gophers and moles have is to keep their entire system closed. These animals don't want water and predators entering their tunnels, and they don't want their scent to leave the tunnel. 2) Both gophers and moles are meticulous about keeping their tunnels clean and sealed.
Opening the tunnel with the special Gopher Goner™ Digging Tool, allows fresh air to enter the tunneling system. Air drafts in the tunnel create havoc with the gopher or mole. If the tunnel is fresh, the animal is in close proximity and will sense danger. The gopher or mole will come to investigate. Then, as the animal enters the tunnel where the trap has been placed, the animal will detect the trigger blocking its tunnel. If you have cleaned debris from the tunnel, the gopher or mole will not be able to bring a load of soil to plug the opening. Assuming you have prepared the tunnel correctly before setting the trap and then, set the trap correctly, when the gopher or mole attempts to push the trigger out of the way, the trap will activate and the jaws will close on the animal.

For Those Who Feel that Any Harm to Animals is Inhumane

Everyone who works for Gopher Goner Products™ shares a love for animals, nature and the outdoors. We are amazed how those burrowing animals can move dirt. However, if moles are destroying a golf course or lawn and gophers damage crops or cause destruction, and we do mean DESTRUCTION, that is when we have a problem with them. We strongly oppose the use of poison. We encourage natural predation. Using our Gopher Goner™ trap is effective and humane. Until science discovers a way to alter the reproductive cycles of gophers and moles, we will take matters into our own hands using a humane tool that works for us: The Gopher Goner™ trap.