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GopherGoner Trouble Shooting Support

The majority of our customers will not need this support since the GopherGoner DVD covers how to set traps in the majority of situations and the links to universities that we have provided on our website covers MOLE and GOPHER behavior. However, in the case of truly unique situations, which there are very few, we will collect more information. Most of the time, we can direct the customer to a particular portion of the GopherGoner instructional DVD. Then we encourage them to spend a bit more time or try a different method on that location. As we mentioned, trapping MOLES and GOPHERS is not brain surgery, but small details can determine success vs failure.

Most problems are addressed in the sheet that is included with your GopherGoner starter kit. Some of these problems include:

  • I can’t find a MOLE mound to set my traps, but I see surface tunneling. What should I do?
  • There are new mounds everyday around the traps that I set, but the MOLE or GOPHER is not coming to my traps. What should I do?
  • I have set my traps, but there is no MOLE or GOPHER activity around the places that I set my traps. What should I do?

What you should do if you need further support:

If you have purchased our GopherGoner instructional DVD and read the instructions included with our starter kit and still need more information, write us an email and please include the following information:

  • Your name and/or receipt number
  • A daytime phone number where you can be reached
  • A brief description of the location you have used in setting your traps and the method you used to set the traps. (Optional, but very helpful) A photo of the activity and the set traps.

Email information to:

We will contact you in 48 hours either via email or phone (please allow more time for holidays) giving you professional advice about how to make adjustments and techniques.

Wrong Address Charges

Please check your address carefully before your final submission of your order online.

There will be a $10.00 charge to locate the package for delivery if there is an incorrect address. We do verify zip codes and will attempt to contact you if the address is in question to avoid such charges. However, if there is an incorrect shipping address submitted online and UPS charges us, we will need to pass the charge to your credit card.

If you do enter an incorrect address and it is accidently sent to another location and cannot be recovered, you will be charged the full order price.

If any of the items you have ordered is not available for immediate shipment, you will be notified by email of the estimate shipment date.

If your order has been damaged or lost while shipping, please notify us immediately at

or call (530) 220-2174 so we may send you a replacement.


GopherGoner makes every effort to ship orders in a timely fashion. If any of the items you have ordered are not available for immediate shipment, you will be notified by telephone or email of the estimated shipment date. Charges for backordered items will not be applied to your credit card until we actually ship them to you. There is no need to reorder.


  • Returns may be made within 30-days of purchase
  • Any unopened or unused product may be returned immediately
  • A Credit refund will be given upon return of merchandise
  • We deduct 10% restocking fee
  • Please call us during our business hours if you have any questions about our products or product usages as returns can by costly
  • We recommend sending returns via UPS or insured receipt for your protection
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gopher-goner-medium trap

Medium Traps

The medium trap is what we use 95% of the time trapping a gopher in the Western United States. We recommend setting two traps on 1-gopher system to create a draft. Cinch traps are set from the surface! The cinch trap relies on air and light triggering an alarm with the gopher or mole that their security has been breached. Do not bury a cinch trap!
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gopher-goner-small trap

Small Traps

We use the small trap for trapping a mole. We highly recommend setting traps under a fresh mound, and by “fresh,” we mean 24-36 hours! Beware, there could be 1 or sometimes 2 additional tunnels leading to the mound, so we recommend having 4-small traps when trapping a mole. Occasionally, we will use a small trap for trapping a juvenile gopher during breeding season.
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gopher goner digging tool

Gopher Goner Digging Tool

We designed the 18-inch digging tool to pop the plug in a gopher tunnel, check for forking tunnels, and clearing debris without enlarging the tunnel. The Digging Tool can be used with any manufacturer of trap (Victor Easy Set, Sweeny, Macabee, Gophinator), but we highly recommend using a cinch trap. Whether trapping a gopher or a mole, this tool beats any screwdriver or Hori Hori Garden knife in price and effectiveness.
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